Help: Search Results


By default, the maximum Results per list is 50 documents. This option lets you define the maximum number of results displayed per list. The results are ranked based on the hit count. Hit count refers to the number of times individual query words or search criteria appear in the selected field(s).


The results or hits of your query are displayed on a new page. This results list may be printed by clicking on the PRINT button of your browser.

Single-clicking on one of the patent document numbers will allow you to view the detail of the patent document. This screen has been designed to help the user scan through results relatively quickly and determine if the Patent documents resulting from the search are of interest. The information may be printed by clicking on the PRINT button off your browser.

The BACK button of your browser allows you to return to the list of results and continue verifying results in the same manner.


By default, the Maximum results per list is 50 documents. Using the First, Previous, Next or Last arrow button, you can access to the other list results:

First Previous
Next Last

The search engine can display up to one thousand patent documents per query. When the results exceed the maximum, a note appears on the hit lists to recommend that you adjust your search criteria. For example, you can break down your search criteria using the date range.