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(12) Patent Application: (11) CA 2966953
(51) International Patent Classification (IPC):
  • B63B 29/00 (2006.01)
  • B63B 35/44 (2006.01)
  • B63J 3/00 (2006.01)
(72) Inventors (Country):
  • JOEL, KEVIN (Canada)
(73) Owners (Country):
  • JOEL, KEVIN (Canada)
(71) Applicants (Country):
  • JOEL, KEVIN (Canada)
(74) Agent: NA
(45) Issued:
(22) Filed Date: 2017-05-10
(41) Open to Public Inspection: 2017-07-14
Examination requested: 2017-05-10
(30) Availability of licence: N/A
(30) Language of filing: English

English Abstract

Application addresses a specialized ship in addition to a device chiefly
deployed upon same ship.
The ship features a room with a layout for controlled combustion. In an
adjacent room, combustion
gases transfer power ultimately to an electrical generator supplying internal
consumption. A vacuum
system routes output gas to a unit where domestic supply water absorbs heat
therefrom, before
releasing gas through exhaust line. When undergoing propulsion, ship may
derive acceleration by
means of a water pump beneath vessel, which discharges a stream opposite to
travel direction.
The device is constructed of a cardboard roll, and either ignites secondary
combustibles or
releases contents as inhalant, depending upon version employed. Lastly, the
ship features a specialized
fireplace structure, and an apparatus, both wherein cardboard device operates
in conjunction thereto.

Note: Claims are shown in the official language in which they were submitted.

1. A Type of Ship Where One Room Thereof, 'Room X', Contains the Following:
A. An entrance means
B. A hollow piece of metal, closed at each end with a hole through top centre,
joined to ground
with bottom based on ground
C. A hole through the ceiling, greater in diameter than said 'hollow piece',
the centre of which
aligns to hole in top centre for same hollow piece.
2. The Ship of First Claim Wherein...
A. Said 'hollow piece of metal' is equal to at least half the height of Room X
in terms of same
piece length
B. Same hollow piece of metal is an alloy composed accordingly:
Gold equals seventy-five percent at maximum
Silver equals twenty-five percent at minimum
C. A piping piece runs into Room X by means of said 'hole through ceiling'.
3. Ship of Second Claim Wherein Said Room X Thereof Further Contains:
Two solid posts of any metal joined to ground such that said 'hollow piece of
metal' falls on
midpoint precisely between same two posts.
4. Ship of Third Claim Wherein...
A. Said 'two solid posts' are no greater than three-quarters height of Room X
in terms of post
B. Said 'two solid posts' are less than said 'piping piece' in terms of
5. Ship of Fourth Claim Wherein Room X Contains Further:
An outlet, in parallel with said 'piping piece', which enters room by means of
6. Ship of Fifth Claim Wherein...

A. Said outlet connect to an air-tank mounted overtop Room X by means of a
B. Same air-tank connect to an air-compressor by means of air-tank inlet.
7. Ship of Sixth Claim Wherein...
Room X interior is in structure and in layout resistant to fire.
8. Ship Seventh Claim Wherein...
A. Said 'piping piece' in Room X connect to an external pipe
B. Same external pipe house a pressure-reading instrument
C. Same external pipe connect to a control-valve
9. Ship of Eighth Claim, Where One Room Thereof, 'Room Y' Is Adjacent to Room
X, Larger Than Room
X, And Contains the Following:
A. A hole through one wall
B. A pipe which by means of same hole enters Room Y and which in the opposite
connects to said 'external pipe control-valve'
C. A discharge-nozzle which connects to end of same pipe.
10. Ship of Ninth Claim Where Room Y Contains Further...
A. A drive-shaft
B. At least one wheel mounted on same drive-shaft
C. Blades which run along the circumference of same mounted-wheel(s)
D. An outer-wheel coupled to same mounted-wheel(s) by means of same blades
E. An electrical-generator for which said drive-shaft supply operational
11. Ship of Tenth Claim Wherein Room Y Contains Further...
A. A temperature-sensing instrument
B. A vacuum-pump mounted overtop Room Y
C. A pipe running into Room Y connected to same vacuum-pump inlet and at
connected to a suction head.

12. Ship of Eleventh Claim and Further Containing:
A. An enclosed six-sided unit
B. One port centered on four sides of same unit, such that each port aligns
with one other port
C. A pipe connected to one port of same unit and at opposite-end connected to
outlet of said
D. A pressure-relief valve connected to one port of same unit opposite the
port connected to
said 'vacuum-outlet pipe'
E. A pipe enclosed in same unit between two vacant ports
F. A water-line connected to one end of same 'enclosed pipe'
G. A control-valve connected to vacant end of same 'enclosed pipe'
H. A temperature-sensing instrument inside same 'enclosed pipe'
I. An exhaust-line running from said 'pressure-relief valve' to the exterior
of ship
J. A hot-water supply-line connected to said control-valve for said 'enclosed
13. Ship of Claim Twelve Wherein
Said 'enclosed pipe' of said 'six-sided unit' contain at least one precious-
metal constituent
14. Ship of Claim Thirteen Containing Further...
A. An electric-motor connected to a ship power supply
B. A water-pump located under ship, driven by same electric-motor, wherein
outlet is parallel to
ship underside and directed towards ship rear-end.
15. Ship of Claim Fourteen Containing Further An Apparatus Comprising:
A. One bracket fastened against a wall
B. One hole in same bracket
C. A plate around one end of a pipe fastened to same bracket such that pipe
runs through said
D. Female threading inside plate-end of said pipe
E. An open tube joined to same pipe at centre of end opposite from threaded

F. A hook joined to said bracket
G. A chain slipped onto same hook
H. A cap with male-threading connecting to same chain
I. A locking ring which slides onto said hook then fuses securely to same hook
16. Ship of Fifteenth Claim Wherein...
A. Said 'apparatus-bracket' is nickel
B. Said 'apparatus-pipe' is bronze
17. Ship of Claim Sixteen Containing Further...
A Deck Wherein a Fireplace is Mounted, Same Fireplace Comprising:
A. A metal base having on one side a leg in each of four-corners, on opposite-
side three metal
walls joined to surface by means of a stand such that between three walls two
right-angles result with
two walls in parallel
B. A metal cover having on one side a frame, on opposite-side a ledge parallel
with cover
perimeter, positioned over said 'three walls' by means of frame and joined to
fireplace such that three
of frame four-sides weld with the wall against which the side borders.
18. Ship of Claim Seventeen Wherein...
Said deck contain an area with four holes in which said fireplace mount by
means of base legs.
19. A Device Wherein...
A. One end of a cardboard-roll contains an adhesive around each side thereof
B. A paper-piece, by means of said adhesive, covers end of said cardboard-roll
C. A pin, at a maximum-distance of roll-diameter from end opposite said paper-
piece, enters
said cardboard-roll, passes through a cord of hemp-fibre, and exits same
D. A collar fits over pointed end of said pin and crimps onto same end such
that pin may not
slide out from said cardboard-roll
E. One end of said hemp-cord contacts said paper-piece while opposite-end
remains exterior to
said cardboard-roll
F. Sawdust loads inside said cardboard-roll

G. Said cardboard-roll end opposite said paper-piece contains an adhesive
around both sides
H. Aluminum-foil adheres to said cardboard-roll at end opposite said paper-
I. Said cardboard-roll retain contents thereof by means of said paper-piece
and said aluminum-
foil respectively.

A single figure which represents the drawing illustrating the invention.

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