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Help: Searching for specific documents

You can select specific documents in the following fields:

Note: These searching options are only available in the Boolean and Advanced Search.

  • Searching license available field

    You can decide to search strictly through patents where the owner voluntarily indicated that he or she is willing to sell or license the rights to the patent.

  • Searching the status field of the patent document

    You can search through patent documents by the status field. The groups of statuses include:

    • Any Status: Patent applications and granted patents that are active and inactive;
    • Active: Patent applications and granted patents that are active;
    • Patents: Granted patents that are active;
    • Pending Applications: Patent applications that are active;
    • Public Domain: Patent applications (Withdrawn, Dead) and granted patents (Lapsed, Expired).
  • Searching the PCT field

    The PCT field indicates that the application was filed through the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). You can search through PCT or Non PCT documents by default; the search is conducted through All patent documents.

  • Searching by language of filing

    You can select the language of filing. The default option, "In both languages", allows patent document searches in the whole database. The two other options allow patent document searches within only laid-open applications and patents granted on or after August 15, 1978.