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Patent 15419 Summary

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(12) Patent: (11) CA 15419
(21) Application Number: 15419
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Claim lst A lager beer refrigerator in which the keg, when placed in position, is provided with a faucet extending through the outer panel of the refrigerator, a double door hinged on either side of the aperture through which the keg is inserted and having the centre edge of the door recessed on either side of the faucet. 2nd In a lager beer refrigerator in which the ice chamber is placed above the chamber containing the keg or kegs and the floor, or supporting, joists of the latter chamber is flush with the bottom of the aperture through which the keg is inserted, the combination of a vertically hinged door, having a notch or hole cut through it, for the passage of the faucet in the keg.

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Forecasted Issue Date 1882-02-01
(45) Issued 1882-09-07

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