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Patent 24012 Summary

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(12) Patent: (11) CA 24012
(21) Application Number: 24012
(54) English Title: ICE CREAM SODA
Status: Expired
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Claim.--lst. A confectionery composition or syrup for making ice cream soda, consisting of white of eggs, sugar, water, lime fruit juice, lemon and an acid, suitably mixed, as described. 2nd. The acidulated cream syrup for making ice cream soda, composed of beaten white of eggs, sugar, water, lime fruit or lemon juice, tartaric acid and a flavoring extract. 3rd. The mixture of syrups for making ice cream soda, consisting of, first, beaten whites of eggs, sugar, water, one or more kinds of fruit juice and tartaric acid forming the acidulated syrup, and, second, a syrup containing bi-carbonate of soda forming the carbonated syrup. ,

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Forecasted Issue Date 1886-02-01
(45) Issued 1886-05-10

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