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(12) Patent Application: (11) CA 2424649
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  • G06Q 30/08 (2012.01)
  • G06Q 50/30 (2012.01)
  • G08G 1/123 (2006.01)
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(71) Applicants :
  • SHIP2SAVE.COM (Canada)
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(45) Issued:
(22) Filed Date: 2003-03-31
(41) Open to Public Inspection: 2004-09-30
(30) Availability of licence: N/A
(30) Language of filing: English

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CA 02424649 2003-03-31
What are XML Web Services and how are they used in
www.shia2~av~,~,om ?
The Ship2Save system will use Microsoft's MapPoint .NET XML Web services to
render its maps with
posted loads. Ship2Save will do this by connecting to the MapPOint .NET XML
web service using the xml
schema of MapPoint .NET. Basically that means Shlp25ave will have a list of
function prototypes for
MapPoint .NET. Ship2Save will not need to have there own Map data, geo-coder
(use to get the names of
places from a set of latitude and longitude values) and render engine. All of
those items will be located on
the MapPoint XML web service server hosted by Microsoft. This allows Ship2Save
to focus on its primary
objective by not having to implement our own mapping system or have to install
the dedicated system in
their network for the purpose.
You might be wondering about compatibility, which is where the XML comes in.
XML allows computing
machines to share data regardless of the operating system or programming
languages used by their
peers. At their core, XML Web services are small applications that use XML to
share data and functionality
amongst themselves across the Internet. As XML is an open standard supported
by all major operating
systems, development tools, and platforms, XML Web services enable
communication between previously
disparate systems- A Linux senrerapplication can interact with a Windows
Server application, a Pocket PC
device can programmatically access services hosted by a Solaris server, etc...
Microsoft .NET is a set of Microsoft software technologies for connecting
information, people, systems, and
devices through the use of XML Web services. .NET is infused into the products
that make up the Microsoft
platform, providing the ability to quickly and reliably build, host, deploy,
and utilize secure and connected
solutions using XML Web services. The Microsoft platform provides a suite of
developer tools, client
applications, XML Web services, and servers necessary to participate in this
connected world.

CA 02424649 2003-03-31
What is instant notification in Ship2save?
The instant notification is a standalone application provided by
which helps in providing
services needed in real time. It uses the persons email address and password
as the driverand pop3 mail
server name as the workhorse, It helps Ship2save notify the person when a
service requested becomes
available. Ship2save instant notification is used to provide the person with
flashing icon in the taskbar
area for a notification in different cases for the shipper and the trucker.
The following three scenarios
activate instant notification in case of a Trucker member.
- When a Load is posted matching the load equipment or criteria for origin and
destination state
- W hen a load is edited by the shipper for which the trucker had quoted
- W hen a quotation the trucker has bid on has been accepted
For the shipper the instant notification is activated when a shipper requests
to be notified when the load is
delivered at the destination. But the limitation in this case is that the
shipper must have sent the load
through a tracking enabled carrier. In some cases it can also work if a
request is made to the carrier to
update the database manually at Ship2save to be notified and the request has
been accepted.
The requirements to run the email notifier as of now are to download and
install the .net framework on
the client machine first from the Microsoft website, then to download and
install the email notifier program
from Ship2save. Now punch in the pop3 mail server and the email address and
password you registered
with to be notified and wait for the notification.

CA 02424649 2003-03-31
What is GPS Tracking in Ship2save?
The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a worldwide radio-navigation system
formed from a
constellation of 24 satellites and their ground stations.
GPS uses these "man-made stars" as reference points to calculate positions
accurate to a matter of
meters. In fact, with advanced forms of GPS you can make measurements to
better than a centimeter!
In a sense it's like giving every square meter on the planet a unique address.
GPS receivers have been miniaturized to just a few integrated circuits and so
are becoming very
economical. And that makes the technology accessible to virtually everyone.
These days GPS is finding its way into cars, boats, planes, construction
equipment, movie making gear,
farm machinery, even laptop computers, so why not into the trucking industry.
We want to be the
pioneers in tracking the equipment and loads for the trucking industry.
Ship2save uses this accurate
technology to pinpoint position of your loads and equipment equipped with GPS
tracking on the highly
accurate maps from the Microsoft Map point Web Services. It gives you a visual
presentation of where. it is
in real time and we update it every few minutes. The limits of what you can do
with GPS are endless.

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