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(12) Patent Application: (11) CA 2523778
(51) International Patent Classification (IPC):
  • B01D 53/92 (2006.01)
  • C10L 1/06 (2006.01)
  • C10L 1/10 (2006.01)
(72) Inventors :
  • ZHANG, JI-YING (Canada)
(73) Owners :
  • ZHANG, JI-YING (Canada)
(71) Applicants :
  • ZHANG, JI-YING (Canada)
(74) Agent: NA
(74) Associate agent: NA
(45) Issued:
(22) Filed Date: 2005-10-25
(41) Open to Public Inspection: 2007-04-25
(30) Availability of licence: N/A
(30) Language of filing: English

English Abstract

We, Domenico Chiovitti, and Ji-ying Zhang , present this request for a patent
by the title:
"On line system of efficient combustion with hydrogen and or fuel in emulsion
with or without emulsifier + water (vapour) + exhaust gas + particles from
exhaust'" .

This system is to present a technology using water + gas exhaust to feed in
line hydrogen
and fuel in emulsion to the motor through fuel injection and or by air inlet.

This system is made up of three apparatus to reactive our invention : No.1.
one or more
chambers for water electrolysis to produce hydrogen and oxygen with
(thermo electric generator) or solar voltaic cell with or without battery;
No.2. an
apparatus to made a fuel emulsion, and No.3. An apparatus to recuperate the
water and
filter the exhaust gas and the particles, and to feed it to the electrolysis
chamber and
emulsifier to the motor via injection and / or air inlet this system can be
varied No.1 +
No.2 + No.3, or No.1+No.3 , or No. 2+ No.3.

This system invented by us saves energy and lowers the pollution caused by the
use of
the combustibles, gas, gasoline, diesel, fuel, heat oil etc....

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The embodiments of the invention in which an exclusive property or privilege
is claimed
are defined as follows:

1). The emulsification functions with 90-70% fuel , 0.1-1% emulsifier and 10-
30% water
+ particles from the exhaust gases to produce and emulsion; see design : the
water from
gas exhaust will be sent into the reservoir , and into the emulsifier to
produce the
emulsion fuel;
2). Instead of using only the car battery, we make hydrogen from the
current using the waste heat to produce hydrogen H2 and oxygen O2;
3). The hydrogen apparatus is composed with one or many thermocouples, one or
electrolysis chamber tubes, valves, catalysts and electric current. The H2 +
O2 can be
sent to motor via intake air, intake manifold or with the fuel line (only H2);
see design :
the water from gas exhaust sent into working chamber; the cube and the
thermocouple are
in superimposition; the hydrogen will be sent to intake air or with fuel
emulsion to
injector to motor; the oxygen will be sent into the motor ;
4). The apparatus to recycle water and gas exhaust is composed of special tube
to recover
maximum and a place of this tube to furnish the water to one or severs
chambers, to send a part of water + gas exhaust + particles to the motor of
intake air and
another to a small reservoir to capture + filter the particles (CO, HCn ...)
exhaust with
water vapour then feed to emulsification apparatus to make a fuel water
emulsion. See
design : one tube from the tube of exhaust to intake air of motor; the head of
tube with
the tube of exhaust will be fixed by a special method; one part of water from
gas exhaust
transport by the special tube for emulsifier, the another part for hydrolysis
chamber, the
balance for the intake air manifold of motor.

Note: Descriptions are shown in the official language in which they were submitted.

CA 02523778 2005-10-25
Our system in line of efficient reaction combustion with hydrogen and fuel
presents a technology concerning:
1). A method to recuperate, capture + filter water. particles +gas exhaust;
2). A method to send water from exhaust to a chamber or chamber of
electrolysis to
produce hydrogen and to send more water to an emulsifier to produce a fiael
3). A method to produce hydrogen with a thermocouple (thermo electric
generator) and
or with a photovoltaic cell from the lost heat of motor;
4). A method to fabricate a fuel emulsion with fiiel, emulsifier and water
+particles from
the lost heat of motor;
5). A method to send together or separately hydrogen, the emulsion or water +
exhaust to the motor by the fuel injector or and air intake.

It is a know fact that hydrogen can help the motor to burn better, but it also
NOx, water can lower NOx, that heat is a form of energy, that over 60% of the
heat is lost,
we take advantage of this principle and demonstrate a now solution to recycle
water and
particles from gas exhaust and a part of the heat lost to convert water into
hydrogen +

Here are two equations that explain the relation between the consummation of
ftiel and
the water formation from the combustion:

J 1

CA 02523778 2005-10-25

2"a part: One or several hydrolysis chambers ~vith thermocouple to produce
from waste heat and also from photovoltaic cell.

3nd part: An emulsification apparatus to produce a fiiel emulsion ( fuel +
emulsifier +
water +particles coming from gas exhaust).

This system is convenient and usefiil to all internal combustion engines. That
gasoline, natural gas, diesel, heating oil, also for simple + normal

CA 02523778 2005-10-25
Equation 1 :
2C8H8 + 25 02 --~ 16 CO2 + 18 H20
(GENERAL FUEL) (Oxygen ) (Carbon Dioxide) (water)

2281bs + 800lbs -~ 7041bs. + 3241bs

Ratio : 1). 3241bs. water = 1.42 water per fuel
2281bs. fuel

2). 7041bsCO2 = 3.08 CO2 par fuel
The quantity of water produced changes depending on the molecular weight of
fuel; generally 1 kilo of fuel produced about 1.4 kilo water and 3 kilo of

Equation 2: General actual combustion
(HC)x + 02 + N2 --* CO + (HC)n + CO2 + H20 + N2 + NOx + energy
- -- ~ -- - ----- ,~ fuel air (unburned fuel)

20.98% 78.09%

b). 11% 89%
H20 ~ H2 + O2
Energy +3 fuel oxygen

Hydrogen fuel exp:( gasoline, diesel, natural gas, heating oil...) produce
more water in
the combustion process which is (hydrogen + oxygen ). Hydrogen is a clean fuel
oxygen helps to bum. The advantage of our system is to make and excellent
of hydrogen, heat, fuel, water and certain particulates from the exhaust gas
CO and HCn
are captured to make an emulsion with the emulsifier using the thermocouple
electric generator) to generate the electricity from heat , we can use the
current to make
hydrogen + oxygen and also use it directly for other, fuel pump, electric
windows, etc....
Our system consist in 3 parts ( see design):
1 St part: A special apparatus to recycle, capture and filter water and gas
exhaust to use in
the following three function : 1). This apparatus feeds only a part of the
water needed to
the hydrolysis chambers to produce hydrogen +oxygen; 2). A part of this water
+ gas
exhaust particulates will be sent to a reservoir to capture + filter then feed
an emulsifier to
make the emulsion; 3). The balance of water/gas exhaust will be sent to the
intake air
manifold. To keep same line pressure of fuel , we will install another fuel

A 2~~ 2

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