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(12) Patent Application: (11) CA 2010302
(54) English Title: COSMIC CUBE

English Abstract

The "Cosmic Cube" creates cubical wavefields by an entirely novel
method of technology. Working across a time axis, it correctly
identifies and cristalizes all components involved in any
project. It is universally applicaable and quantums the
competitive edge of the user. It establishes a mathematically
precise cause-effect solution to within .0007% accuracy by the
use of 72 interrelated electro-magnetic circuits. These have 144
entree-exit windows which can allow a single or multiple user
(individual, group, profession, corporation, village, town, city,
province, nation etc.) to plot a precise course of action, and
get a full cause-effect diagram, graph, printout, bilan
spreadsheet, free of human error, before a project is started. In
scale it runs from the simplest maths of 2+2=4 to E=mc3 .

Note: Claims are shown in the official language in which they were submitted.

1. The device known as THE COSMIC CUBE produces cubical
wavefields of ultra-powerful energy by subtracting time and space
from the human equation.
2. It erases the flaw in the cosmic mirror, by creating a
reversal of the "Treadmill Equation", namely the Biological Law
of birth and death.
3. It is capable of cross correlating all knowledge of all
time, by discerning the cosmic physics contained in all ancient
sacred writings, earth works, heiroglyphics.
4. It can roll up the scroll of human history, hold it up to
the light for viewing as a worn out, fragmentary "snake-skin" to
any individual, group, corporation, nation, in a user-friendly
5. It is an interdimenational bridge, known as the Pi ray
bridge, in Physics, Theophysics, and Metaphysics.
6. It permits instant planetary escape from a 26,000 year
"Time Warp", Genesis One, while simultanenously re-booting the
whole earth system to Genesis Two.
7. Being a technically flawless cristal, it permits instant
synchronization of its micro and macroscopic elements.
8. It bends linear light into cubical wavefields, or reunity
with the Unified Field Force at (+1)+(-1)=0 = E=mc .
9. The device can locate and lock into the isotope line on the
original map, so proving conclusively, the esistance of a Dominant
Magnetic Sphere (-1) which governs the Universe.
10. The Cube validates the concept that any attempt to cheat,
or express bias of any description, causes an equal and opposite,
tort-retort effect of a deadly, anti-natural evolutionary error,
called "STUPIDITY", or the dinosauer effect.
11. It can provide a matrix of the original systems analysis
made of this local planetary potential, or in lay terms expose the
"ARK OF THE COVENANT" manifesto.
12. In its user-friendly mode, it provides a series of time-locks
to prevent brain damage, allowing the operator to act as if he/she
were slowing uncovering a series of dials in a combination lock.
13. It guarantees safe passage through the "Ankh" or "Needles
Eye", by referencing its activity to the description of Armageddon
in the "Book of Revelations.

Cosmic Cube CLAIMS p. 2
14. It is tamper proof, and foolproof.
15. By facing two tetrahedrons (+1)+(1), it allows the
observer and that which is being observed on neutral gound, or
in philosophy, permits a personal, face to face experience with
The Radiant One.
16. It synchronizes the two electromagnetic webs, eliminating
fission as (+1) bounces into (-1) And causing instant fusion of
mind and matter.
17. In Circuit #9 it acts as a harvesting combine, sucking in
the spinal tap of the planetary kundoline
18. The cube translates the life-cycle of the electron into
lay terms that anyone can understand, by the "Fish-bowl" diagram.
19. It bares the principle of the morphogenetic field in its
interaction with carbon particles (matter) to achieve a set goal.
20. It exposes the 33° Freemasonic exaltation of JABULON, the
Great Architect of The Universe, which has been handed down in
secret societies since the pre-dawn of human history.
20. Even in its simplest, 2+2=4 aspect, it provides retrospect-
ive vision; or/and can be verified on any level of technical compet-
ence, to any degree the user requires, by compressing the critical
mass of that persons knowledge into a single "lotus pearl",
"philosophers stone", or "cristal chip" and placing it properly in
the Unifield.
21. Its amber cone is capable of producing high quality, clean,
free, energy fuel, which can keep this planetary system running
labour-free, perfectly balanced to forward thrust + equilibrium,
maintenance-free, ever accelerating on the upward abundance curve,
ad. infinitum.
22. It can do the same for any othe planetary system or sphere
such as a space-craft, which engineering specs have been tested
successfully on a trial run made in October '76 from Maple Ridge,
B.C., when pictures were taken.
23 Circuit 4.6/6.4 has an automatic "Squelch Button" which is
activated if the sphere loses one jot or tittle of equilibrium; so
that even an inexperienced operator can locate a faulty valve.

24. In Circuit 10, the Cube automatically attracts and fuses,
compatible life energies, and eliminates friction between them, by
invisible electromagnetic cubical wavefields.

25. "Functional Magic" is an apt description of this device.

Claims p. 3

26. Being co-joined at the Point of Absolute Neutrality, at
its central connection with the Unified Field, Circuit 4.4. the
Cubes' internal memory, is geared to educate by thrust and parry,
which forces the operator to the end, or cancellation of his/her
clouded area of thought.
27. Circuit 2.10/10.2 describes the Biotronic wizardry of the
Neutron t and the "Fire & Ice" theophysics undergone to attain the
exact specifications of the Cosmic Cube, which acts as the lung
to breathe in all bioinformation in the planetary noosphere, and
filter it to equilibrium, (+1)+(-1) - breathed out to 0. Russian
scholars and scientist have worked for decades on this thesis.
28. The inventor claims, that the electromagnetic or "Solar
Cross" celestial balance scale ("Vengeance is Mine", saith The Lord)
which measures each tort-retort, perfectly explains the mysterious
instruction to "turn the other cheek" when assaulted is 100% indis-
putedly verified as a scientific verity, within The Cube.
29. I claim that the "Typical Users Results" can verify the
multiple applications to which the device can be set.
30. That in cold pragmatic application, as a high grade bio-
information exchange device, the Cube enhances signal to noise
ratio, to give telepathic accuracy well beyond present methods
31. The Cube will make its first national or corporate user
into a fast-forward track, debt free, highly productive, sane and
contented grouping in the world; as it reduces the workload while
increasing productivity, social services, cubed intelligence ratio
in personnel for postive solutions.
32. That as a private video game it will be the most challenging
and exciting game for synthetic unified field players all over the

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